Sinterklaas_1 Vlugt Bram van der

In the Netherlands it is “Saint-Nicholas time”, the time of getting presents, but also of making them by yourself. Crafts, a poem, gifts… It’s all part of it. Some people make the most beautiful things for their suprise… made of cardboard!





Great promotion Oreo Cookies

oreo plan view

In an Indian supermarket, the promotion of a new Oreo cookie caused a striking presence in-store. The supermarket is situated in a shopping mall that also has a first floor from which you look down onto the supermarket. That’s why they communicate on top of the shelves.

They also made a giant blow up of a Oreo cookie roll. They placed it at the shelves where you can find the Oreo cookies.

This promotion was designed by Saatchi & Saatchi X, the American Shopper Marketing Agency.

Oreo shelf Oreo shelf 2

Cardboard Interior


It looks like libraries wants to be more green and more trendier.
In one of our first blogs, we wrote about a folding wall, you can put books on it.

Now we found a complete interior of cardboard! Carboard bookshelves for a lot of books, cardboard tables and cardboard benches, and all of them can carry a lot of weight.
This inspires us to design very strong displays for heavy products.


Cardboard cathedral in Christchurch


In february 2011, an earthquake destroyed the cathedral in Christchurch. The Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, specialised in emergency architecture, build a cathedral as temporary replacement. One of the most important parts of the cathedral is cardboard. The construction further comprises shipping containers which supports the cardbaord frame, a concrete floor and a roof made of polycarbonate.

Cardboard is good for everything!






Storeshelf communicates directly with shopper


Nowadays smartphones just fit into our daily lives. Even when you go shopping, they’re essential. Via a special tag at a shelfwobbler people get more information about a product. Who passes the shelf and brings his smartphone towards the shelfwobbler will get to see a presentation. Think of recipes, games and coupons. You see, augmented reality is the future.



Pop-up stores


They appear as fast as they disappear, the so called pop-up stores.
It doesn’t matter where or how, suddenly they appear. A pop-up store surprises people, it’s an experience. They are characterized by the exclusive look and feel and not only attractive for media attention, but also for the trendy consumer who’s always looking for something new.